Tuesday, September 22, 2009

J. S Bach - Six Suites for Cello Solo", a complete recording by Ovidiu Marinescu

This is for those who would like to support an exciting project " J. S Bach - Six Suites for Cello Solo", a complete recording by Ovidiu Marinescu 
and get wonderful rewards for it! My original oil painting "Lacus Somniorum" is one of them. 


The Bach cello suites are perhaps the most challenging and rewarding set of works for cello ever written. Famous cellist Pablo Casals spent 12 years before he first played the suites in public, and every day for the rest of his life he started each day by playing one of the suites: Monday - Suite no. 1, Tuesday - no. 2, and so forth; on Sunday he rested. After years of research and performance, finally we will have a much anticipated recording of the Bach Cello Suites by Ovidiu Marinescu. Please watch the video telling his story and including clips from one of the recording sessions.



Presented in collaboration with Parma Recordings, a cutting edge music label distributed by Naxos, this release of an enhanced 2-CD package which will include the complete recording, digital liner notes, a downloadable edition of the music with bowings and fingerings based on four handwritten manuscripts and the first published edition of 1824. The CD will also include special features, such as filmed interviews and a documentary about the recording sessions. 


Title: "Lacus Somniorum" (in English "Lake of Dreams")
Size(HxW): 18x24 in (45x61 cm)
Style: Fantasy, Imagination
Technique: Oil on canvas
Year: 2009
This paintings is an imagination of the Lunar lacus (singular lacus, Latin for for "lake") from a close distance. Lacus Somniorum is a plain located in the northeastern part of the Moon's near side. It is located at selenographic coordinates 38.0° N, 29.2° E, and has a diameter of 384 kilometers. It is the largest of the lunar features designated Lacus. The name is Latin for Lake of Dreams, a title given to this feature by Riccioli, an Italian astronomer who was the first person to measure the rate of acceleration of a freely falling body.

Lacus Somniorum is an irregular feature with complex, somewhat ill-defined borders. The surface has the same low albedo as the larger lunar mare found on the Moon, and its surface was formed by flows of basaltic lava.

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